Risk Of Obesity On Expecting Mothers

Healthy weight is most recommended for women who want to conceive. In obese women, fatty ovaries can cause harm to the embryonic development and finally lead to failed pregnancies. Recent study stated that women to avoid being overweight if they want to become pregnant.

Also, the research explained why obese women and women with diabetes often find difficult to conceive. These women tend to metabolize more stored fat that lead to increased fatty acid levels in the ovaries.

Research discovered that embryos made from the fat filled eggs had very few cells and underwent variations in genes and metabolic activities. Also, the higher levels of fatty acids can greatly affect egg development in the ovaries. Embryos that produce successful pregnancies tended to have a quieter, less active metabolism.

When eggs were exposed to higher fatty acids, then it results in increased amino acid metabolism and distorted oxygen consumption, glucose consumption and lactate. All these can lead to impaired metabolic regulation and decreased viability.

Obese women who want to become pregnant can consider bariatric surgery for weight loss. Here you can find more information on how weight loss surgery affects your pregnancy.

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