Psychological Factors That Lead to Obesity

Obesity: Generally a body having too much fat called obesity but being overweight is not same as obesity. Consuming many calories than we need leads to obesity, because those unused calories are stored as fat in our body. Reducing physical activity also leads to obesity. Nowadays people are busy with their jobs and spending much time on work by sitting in front of the desk. Due to this burning of calories in our body is less so chances for obesity are more. Many factors are influencing the obesity and among those psychological factors are one of the major factors.

Psychological factors that lead to obesity: In our society this factor has a major impact on obesity. Some factors plays major role in this, they are

·         Depression: common cause for depression is weight gain. People with depression lead to comfort in food and remembering their happier movement makes them to eat excessive food. Due to this fat content is higher in their body.

·         Eating disorders: Eating is a major factor that leads to obesity. Sometimes mildly obese people are trying to lose their weight with some special weight loss surgeries or with their own risks like physical exercise, running, etc. During this period, large amount of food is consumed by people and they are unable to control themselves, so these people have some difficulty in losing weight. 

·         Stress: In daily life people are busy with so much of work, due to this they feel stress and it have totally a negative effect on our lifestyle. Sometimes if people feel stress, automatically they consume alcohol and food in high amounts; they are also lead to psychological problems and these problems leads to obesity.

·         Low self-esteem: In fact this is major risk factor than other factors for obesity.  People who are suffering from this factor are better to take discussions about caring for their obesity so that they may fall their body weight. 

·         Obesity can be caused by some organic imbalances in our body. Due to this imbalance of organs, serious health problems would be raised.

·         Field dependence, eating style,  impulse lacking, even these are not supported experimentally as an evidence, still they are psychological factors for obesity.

·         Many people usually taking food when they are angry or bored. Even it is any association either emotions or celebrations food is still strong. 

·         Some personal issues like improper diet may cause motivation or lack of energy and increases the consumption of food, which again lead to obesity.

·         Comparing studies in non obese and obese persons we cannot find much difference as per global aspects with psychological functionalities.

·         Some other psychological problems that lead to obesity are negative reactions with more emotionally towards dieting and disparagement of our body image.‚Äč

Anyways, consult a weight loss surgeon before going to make any decision about your obesity condition.

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