What You Need To Know About Lap Band Surgery?

LAP band or laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is one of the most commonly conducted weight loss surgeries for treating obesity. This kind of bariatric procedure is proven as a safe and effective method of surgical weight loss.

LAP band is a medical device made to help people who are extremely overweight. This device is placed into the body through a simple surgery that has a very low rate of surgical complications. Recovery process is quick and effortless, hospital stay is very shorter when compared with gastric bypass surgery. This band is adjustable according to the patient needs and can also be reversed if it is medically necessary.

The procedure involves inserting an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce stomach opening so as to create a smaller food pouch at the top of the stomach. A great portion of the stomach is left below the band. Inner liner of the gastric band is a hallow ring that is filled with saline which can be adjusted to more or less saline for smaller or larger opening.

Lap band surgery is conducted laparoscopically, which is a modern and minimally invasive method of surgery. During the surgery general anesthesia is given. In laparoscopic procedure, smaller incisions are made to the abdominal wall to insert narrow and hallow tubes to the surgical area. These tubes provide complete view of surgical area on a monitor that allows your surgeon to see the inside wall of the abdomen.

Then the surgeon inserts lap band and situates the gastric band around the stomach to create a ring like structure and then fastens the lock to hold the band in place. The surgery is less painful; there are minimal wound problems and faster recovery than traditional open surgery.

Most of you get a question like how the band promotes weight loss. The band allows weight loss by limiting the food consumption and slowing digestion. By restricting the amount of food can be eaten and reducing the hunger sensations, the band helps people to eat less and thus leading to weight loss.

Gastric pouch that is created by using gastric band reduces the amount of food that can be eaten and slows the emptying process from the stomach into the intestines. The tiny stomach pouch and reduced digestion rate allows you feel filled sooner and feel full for longer time. This band can be accustomed to allow in less or more food as required.

Lap Band Surgery in Orange offers you best weight loss options. To know more information about the surgery, You can visit our bariatric care clinic.
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