Weight Loss Surgery-Aftercare

Weight loss surgery can alter every aspect of the life. By having a successful surgery you’ll become healthy, look different, and probably you will feel much better.

However the changes may run much deeper than those. Most of your old behaviors, habits will have to changed. This can change your feelings about yourself, relationships with others, and also your total way of living.

After having weight loss surgery you have to face another important phase that is aftercare. This is the phase in which an experienced physician will observe your day to day progress and also help you to lose the desired amount of weight in a healthiest possible way. After having weight loss surgery, patients need to follow the strict rules in regards to their general lifestyle and also dieting.

If you want to undergo the weight loss surgery it is necessary to know exactly what to expect and for what you are committing yourself. Here are some important changes that you may face followed by the weight loss surgery.

·         Primary Recovery: How much time it will need to get recovered? That will based on the type of surgical treatment you had. For adjustable gastric banding recovery time is less as compared to gastric bypass surgery. You can ask your doctor about this.

·         Post Surgical Risks: Same as any kind of surgery, this also has side effects and risks. The weight loss surgery risks include blood clots, infections, and pneumonia.  Late complication may also occur; these include bowel obstruction or hernia development. Erosion around the band and band slippage are uncommon complications, but they may also occur.

Generally all these risks are very much lower for the minimally invasive surgery and even when it is carried out by an experienced surgeon. It is very important to follow the doctor’s advice for faster recovery, and know about the symptoms which require immediate checkup:

·         Eating Habits: Weight loss surgery can dramatically change your eating the way you eat. Meals might have reduced than previous. You should have small amounts of meals very slowly and chew properly. Usually doctors recommend small meals a day and that to specific foods only. Generally drinking during the meals is not advised. Because it can wash out the food from stomach very quickly and also interfere with the feeling of fullness.

·         Nutrition: Prior to the surgery, getting nutrients was very easy, but after having weight loss surgery patient have to eat much less, so it is essential to have much nutrient food after surgery. Consult your doctor for advice on the healthy post operative care.

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Weight Loss Surgery Doesn’t Raise the Fracture Risk

According to new study, obese people who have undergone the weight-loss surgery, like gastric band or gastric bypass, are not in the risk of broken bones in first few years after having the surgery. But 3 to 5 years after this surgery, these patients may have an increased risk of fractures.

Surgical treatment is a very effective method to lose excess weight for many obese people. However, for few years after the surgery these outcomes are reassuring for the patients; but influence on the skeletal health cannot be excluded for lifetime.

From previous studies, the weight loss surgery alone has been shown to diminish the bone density of patient, as the surgery is linked to the loss of bone density.

From new studies, researches compared the broken bones rate among people who had weight loss operation with similar age groups of same sex, body mass index and age who didn’t have surgery; here body mass index is the fat measurement of the body based on weight and height.

From these new studies, broken bones risk is not much higher even after 3 years of their surgery for people who had the weight loss surgery previously. This risk is inched upwards from 3 to 5 years after having the surgery, and people who have more significant loss in their BMI had higher risk for the fractures, that the researchers noted.

Obesity is the increasing health problem, which affects so many people worldwide. It has been recognized that the surgery is the effective method to weight loss for so many individuals with morbid obesity. For first few years after having surgery, these outcomes are reassuring for the patients; however do not completely exclude negative effect on the skeletal health. But the researchers concluded that, at least in the short term changes in the bone density are not leading to the fracture risk.

For morbid obese people, undergoing weight loss surgery can bring a new turn in their life towards healthy lifestyle habits. But before considering any kind of surgery, make sure to consult an experienced weight loss or bariatric surgeon.

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Psychological Factors That Lead to Obesity

Obesity: Generally a body having too much fat called obesity but being overweight is not same as obesity. Consuming many calories than we need leads to obesity, because those unused calories are stored as fat in our body. Reducing physical activity also leads to obesity. Nowadays people are busy with their jobs and spending much time on work by sitting in front of the desk. Due to this burning of calories in our body is less so chances for obesity are more. Many factors are influencing the obesity and among those psychological factors are one of the major factors.

Psychological factors that lead to obesity: In our society this factor has a major impact on obesity. Some factors plays major role in this, they are

·         Depression: common cause for depression is weight gain. People with depression lead to comfort in food and remembering their happier movement makes them to eat excessive food. Due to this fat content is higher in their body.

·         Eating disorders: Eating is a major factor that leads to obesity. Sometimes mildly obese people are trying to lose their weight with some special weight loss surgeries or with their own risks like physical exercise, running, etc. During this period, large amount of food is consumed by people and they are unable to control themselves, so these people have some difficulty in losing weight. 

·         Stress: In daily life people are busy with so much of work, due to this they feel stress and it have totally a negative effect on our lifestyle. Sometimes if people feel stress, automatically they consume alcohol and food in high amounts; they are also lead to psychological problems and these problems leads to obesity.

·         Low self-esteem: In fact this is major risk factor than other factors for obesity.  People who are suffering from this factor are better to take discussions about caring for their obesity so that they may fall their body weight. 

·         Obesity can be caused by some organic imbalances in our body. Due to this imbalance of organs, serious health problems would be raised.

·         Field dependence, eating style,  impulse lacking, even these are not supported experimentally as an evidence, still they are psychological factors for obesity.

·         Many people usually taking food when they are angry or bored. Even it is any association either emotions or celebrations food is still strong. 

·         Some personal issues like improper diet may cause motivation or lack of energy and increases the consumption of food, which again lead to obesity.

·         Comparing studies in non obese and obese persons we cannot find much difference as per global aspects with psychological functionalities.

·         Some other psychological problems that lead to obesity are negative reactions with more emotionally towards dieting and disparagement of our body image.​

Anyways, consult a weight loss surgeon before going to make any decision about your obesity condition.

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Weight Loss Surgery for Kids

Today obesity is the major problem in children, so weight loss surgery for kids become very popular. Weight loss surgery would save the lives and improve the quality of life, but this is not suitable for everyone. The physicians perform the surgery only for the right people at centers of excellence.

Weight loss surgery for kids is a risky process. Many Researches shown that, instead of going for surgery, it is better to control the weight with other methods such as diet and exercise. Performing weight loss surgery for kids is a big decision.

This surgery reduces the amount of food intake. Some surgeries also decrease the digestion level of your kid. Weight loss surgery has complications and risks, however including hernias, blood clots and infections.

Weight loss surgery not always works in overweight kids. They must have to stick for the strict eating habits for their entire life in order to maintain the perfect weight. From studies it has proven that children who underwent the weight loss surgery was regained about thirty percent of their total weight within ten years.

It is very hard for children to follow strict eating habits, and to do exercise. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery and strictly follow the postoperative rules may lose more weight and eliminate or reduce obesity related disorders, but it is tough for the kids.

Most of the doctors suggest for overweight kids that they just require diet, exercise and play more outside.

Things that should be considered for kids who are undergoing weight loss surgery:

·         The kid should be completed his growing, usually these considerations are 15 years for boys and 13 years for girls.

·         Parents and kids must understand and they would be willing to follow the alterations in their lifestyle that they would all require to make after having the surgery.

·         The kid hasn’t had any illegal substances like drugs or alcohol for the period of 1 year before the surgery.

·         Kids who have surgery should take care at bariatric surgery care center. A team of professionals will give suggestions and special care that they would need.

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Weight Loss Surgery Success Depends On The Right Surgeon

The decision of having weight loss surgery is a big turn in everyone’s life. It might be a mixture of something that you choose to do or something that your doctor has recommended you to consider. Whatever might be the reason; there are various things that you need to consider prior making your final decision.

Most obese people are afraid of the stories that come from people who have undergone the surgery. So, it is very important to do proper research and find the right surgeon for your weight loss success. Before beginning your search for the right surgeon, you need to prepare a list of questions that will be asked.

When you consult your surgeon, initially you need to know whether you are a right person to undergo among the various weight loss procedures. After that you need to know why the surgeon recommends that particular procedure. Then know how many of this kind of procedures the doctor has previously performed and know the reviews from the patients.

Don’t go with general surgeons; you need to find a surgeon who is specialized in the particular field of weight loss surgery. This way, you can be sure that you will get the best based on the surgeon’s experience. If the surgeon is not willing to answer your questions or takes time to answer the questions, then you need to consider that he/she may not be the right choice. Look for more experienced surgeon in the field of weight loss surgeries.

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