Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is known as the most effective and also long lasting weight loss treatment for excessively obese patients and also to cure so many health issues.

When thinking about weight loss, generally people want extreme weight loss in less time. But for so many reasons, sometimes open surgeries seem too expensive, too risky or too drastic. Less invasive surgeries provide same potentially lifesaving outcomes like traditional open weight loss surgery but with significantly fewer complications and less pain. Typically patient can return to home within 2 to 4 days following their surgery.


Normal Open weight loss surgery needs a single large cut extending from lower edge of breastbone to just down to the belly button, generally 10 to 14 inches length. But laparoscopic method needs 5 or 6 small cuts, which range from 1/4 to 3/4 inch length.

In this less invasive surgery, laparoscope is inserted, which is a small tube with the tiny video camera at the end, through the 10-millimeter incision made in middle of the abdomen. Then the surgeon inserts the surgical instruments from the additionally made incisions in order to perform operation. In this entire process, the laparoscopic camera projects the magnified and high-resolution image of the surgical area onto the multiple monitors, and allows the surgeon to perform the surgery safely with high precision. And people who have the laparoscopic weight loss surgery experience less pain, which can be resolved with over-the-counter medicines.

Minimally invasive surgery has benefits like less muscle and skin trauma, less, shorter painful recovery, less scarring, and fewer incisions issues like hernias and infections.

If this laparoscopic surgery is performed by the skilled surgeon, then it is an effective and safe treatment for morbidly obese patients. Contact us at to know more about the surgery. 

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Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss

Excess weight can affect your lives and also that will prevent you from enjoying your daily activities. Not all excess weight and weight gain would be conquered with the diet and exercise therapy. Several problems like hereditary conditions, hormonal imbalance, and lack of physical activity or poor choices of diet over a long time may lead to weight gain. So many medical conditions will be associated with overweight. Resolution or significant improvement of such conditions will be obtained by losing the excess weight.

The virtual gastric band therapy will be based on the idea of surgical gastric band. This concept can be constructed in so many ways by several hypnotherapists. Virtual gastric band is a hypnotherapy program that is designed to alter the eating habits and then help you to lose the excess weight completely in safe and natural way. By using the combination of NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, your eating habits will be changed and then you can lose your excess weight naturally and permanently. This type of gastric banding is right for most of the people, but not for everyone. Gastric band is similar to the real gastric band; this is not an absolute solution and definitely there will be some effect on part of the patient.

Hypnosis is the attention fixation. This is a very powerful and natural way to relax the person. It is the state of Trans, through this, it is possible to pretend the sensations of having the stomach tightened, as if having the surgery. From this therapy, you can feel more satisfied and fuller, and you will begin to slow down your eating rate. This means, you have more chances to stop eating when you feel that your stomach is full. Trance is the best way that will be helpful for a person, which begins to feel better about them.

If you have failed with other weight loss programs, then virtual gastric banding is the best program for you, but only thing is you need to consult experienced person.

This is not like another diet program. This procedure changes how much you eat but not what you are eating. In this method, no expensive dietary plans or calorie counting is used, but naturally you will start to make the healthier food choices and you will be satisfied with less food at the time of having meals.

This therapy does not require any surgery, so there is no need for hospitalization and physical trauma. And you can also experience the loss of weight from the beginning of the therapy. It also reduces the cost as compared with the surgery.

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