How Diabetes Can Be Affected With Bariatric Surgery?

Excessive body weight is one of the reasons for diabetes. Obesity and diabetes are mostly related. Many people who are diagnosed with diabetes are obese or over weight. The development of diabetes can be doubled in obese people. Type2 diabetes is most closely related to obesity. Bariatric surgery is the process of weight loss surgery to cure the diabetes disease. Obesity related health problems such as diabetes can be treated with this surgery. It is the cost effective surgery to reduce the weight loss to treat the disease. By maintaining our body weight we can manage blood sugar levels to control the diabetes.  

Bariatric surgery includes many procedures performed on obesity. Weight loss can be achieved by reducing the stomach size with implanted medical device or through removing portion of stomach. All these procedures cause significant weight loss to recover from diabetes. This surgery is appropriate for people with BMI above 35kg/m2. Professional physicians can suggest who are suitable for this bariatric surgery to treat diabetes with weight loss. Several surgical procedures are there for weight loss to treat type2 diabetes.

Bariatric surgery includes many procedures:

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric binding limits the intake of food with adjustable band to constrict the upper stomach to reduce the weight. It is the safe weight loss procedure.

Sleeve gastrectomy in which stomach size is reduced to 15% of its original size by removing larger portion of the stomach. This procedure is performed laparoscopically.

Gastric bypass is a small stomach upper pouch created and connected to the small intestine. This is the most widely performed in US for weight loss.

Gastroplasty, which is surgically decrease the stomach size for weight loss to manage diabetes disease.

Billiopancreatic diversion is to restrict the capacity of the stomach and to divide the intestine into three limbs. First one is to carry food, next limb to carry pancreatic juice and bile and one common limb is to join first two limbs. This procedure is the most effective process for weight loss. We can reduce lot of weight by undergoing this process.

Even after the bariatric surgery patients are restricted to take liquid diet until they adapt for new gastric system. Bariatric surgery is most significant treatment for weight loss to treat diabetes. Among diabetes patients there was 40-60% weight loss of original body weight with this surgery. Regardless of the procedures 86% of the diabetes disease is treated with surgery.

After surgery it is important to follow surgeon’s instruction to control weight for treating diabetes disease. It is not recommended for children and people aged more than 60 years. Maintaining proper diet after surgery is the key point to keep the weight consistent. Bariatric surgery shows best results in blood sugar level and improvement to treat type2 diabetes disease for obese people.

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