Recovery After Bariatric Surgery

The quickest wayfor obese people to lose their weight is by undergoing the bariatric surgery. Being obese can result in several health risks to a person. This procedure is helpful for people who are obese to attain the balanced weight.

Remember that weight loss surgery is not a complete cure but it is a tool to help them to reduce the excess body weight. By adhering to these follow-up tips, recovering from surgery can be quicker and less complicated.

In home:

You must be comfortable in your home. Remember not to lift or carry anything more than 20 pounds for first 6 weeks. Participate in daily activities. Shower very carefully. If your skin becomes red around staples don't worry, call the doctor if redness becomes severe or if you're experiencing drainage or pain.

Adjust Your Dietary Habits:

Pay close attention to the daily diet as this is very important in the process of recovery. Quantity of your food will be restricted significantly as compared to the normal consumption. During first few weeks after having the surgery you can have only liquids. Once you have slowly started consuming solid foods, you should be aware of the micro and macronutrients.

Change the Exercise Routine:

With the help of your physician's approval gradually start the exercise routine after you have healed adequately. Over time, your own physical fitness routine should develop to approximately 2.30 hours of activity for every week.

Routine Follow-up Visits to Healthcare Provider:

In order to ensure your overall wellbeing in the first critical months following bariatric surgery, ensure to visit your doctor frequently. You should undergo the blood testing for every 3 months to monitor your glucose, blood count, and creatinine levels. In order to find any nutritional deficits, you should undergo the blood testing for every 6 months.

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Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss drugs have many side effects and sometimes they are very life threatening. There are many chemicals used in preparing the weight loss drugs. Here are some of them and the side effects of those drugs.

·         Fenfluramine: This is used in combination with a drug fen-phen, which causes dangerous heart attacks and lung disorders.

 ·         Sibutramine: this drug causes heart attacks and strokes.

 ·         Many weight loss drugs cause high blood pressure and increase the heart rate.

·         Lipase and alli are some of the drugs, which cause liver injuries, stomachache and loss of appetite.

·         Qsymiaia weight loss medication approved by FDA but it has some risks associated with it. Risk evaluation and mitigation strategy has proved that it causes severe birth defects in pregnant women.

·         Many weight loss drugs also cause constipation, restlessness, dry mouth, insomnia etc.

Many weight loss drugs are generally recommended for a short period of time that is up to 12 weeks. There are some weight loss drugs like orlistat, which can be used for longer period. Most of the people will regain weight after they stop using the weight loss drugs so they should not be used for having a healthy body instead you should lose weight by natural methods. Diet and exercise should be maintained regularly to have strong and healthy body.

There are some weight loss drugs, which are used to reduce appetite. These drugs also have many side effects, such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, nervousness, headache, blurredness and restlessness.  Some even cause chest pain, difficulty in breathing. Some of the general side effects of weight loss drugs are nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation and difficulty in urination.

Prescribed weight loss drugs are approved by FDA but they are also associated with some side effects. Most of the prescribed drugs are appetite suppressants, blockers and fat absorbers.

Side effects associated with amphetamines which are highly addictive and which should beexamined by a doctor are:

  1. Increased blood pressure
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Constipation
  4. Insomnia

Side effects associated with over the counter weight loss drugs are:

  1. headache
  2. diarrhoea
  3. heart irregularities
  4. high blood pressure
  5. stomach irritation
  6. nervousness
  7. stroke
  8. heart attack
  9. addiction 

Over the counter weight loss drugs are highly risky and they should be avoided. There are many drugs used for weight loss, which are not regulated. Many companies make false claims and sell their product, which are highly dangerous.

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Celebrity Diet Secretes

Many people have many doubts regarding celebrity figure and beauty. Generally common people will not have such great figure as celebrities have and they wonder how they have and try for it by many methods.

Maintaining the figure is not a one-day task, it is a long term goal. They concentrate on their eating habits and do lots of exercises daily to reduce the fat. Apart from gym and diet, there are many other things to follow to appear beautiful and to be fit. You do not have to lose weight to look beautiful; you can look as if you lose weight by having proper sleep and having workouts.  Walking also helps to reduce weight and be active. It reduces puffiness of eyes and smoothens the under eyes.

For best results, you can hydrate your body by taking liquids like coconut water and juices. They take liquid food before and after travelling to hydrate the body and keep it shining. Liquids allow the body to relax and prevent it from bloating. Avoid high sodium foods like canned soup, which causes water retention.  Salt should also be avoided as they create bloat.

Here are some more celebrity diet secrets

Ø  Avoid vegetables and food, which produce gas. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage are some of the vegetables which have to be avoided to reduce dreaded ballooning.

Ø  Do not eat chewing gums. Chewing gums will make the body to think that you are eating and produce the chemicals necessary for breaking the food. In the absence of food, these chemicals release acid and cause difficulties in digestion.

Ø  Reduce the intake of carbohydrates as one gram of carbohydrate holds about 4 to 5 grams of water. Eat food, which has fewer carbohydrates.

Ø  Adapt to foods, which have diuretic properties. They help in getting rid of excess water. Some of these foods are asparagus and beetroots.

Ø  Some people do not have digesting capacity sometimes, so they need to cut down the intake of chicken and read meat at this time. Some fish and seafood are digested very easily so you can take those foods.

Ø  Reduce foods, which have concentrated amounts of additives as they cause bloating.

At the end of the day, you should see to it that you take right amount of vitamins and calories to maintain a good look. Most of the celebrities will be very conscious on the diet they have so they maintain a beautiful body. 

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Benefits of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetic Renal and Retinal Disease

Obese people have a higher risk of developing diabetes compared to a healthy body weight people. People who have central obesity, abdominal obesity and belly fat are at risk of developing diabetes. Obesity with diabetes is serious chronic diseases related to complex metabolic dysfunctions that increase the risk of mortality and morbidity. Approximately 75% of deaths each year are mainly associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, which are preventable with better treatment. Surgery should be an accepted solution in people who have diabetes and with a BMI of 35 to 40. Many weight loss methods are focused on reducing the amount of fat in the body.

There is apparent evidence that Bariatric surgery is a very useful treatment for obese people with diabetes. Bariatric surgery will improve micro vascular complications in diabetes patients and protect against blindness and renal problem.Bariatric surgery must be performed within approved national and international guidelines. This needs appropriate assessment for the procedure, medical care, follow-up, patient training, clinical review and also safe and effective surgical procedures. By reducing excess pounds will also reduce the risk of heart attack, kidney failure and retinal damage, along with other health benefits related to diabetes.  

After Bariatric surgery,about 68% of patients experience a complete remission of their diabeteswhilein some patients, diabetes will disappear immediately or within days of surgery.There are some potential benefits of bariatric surgery for diabetes such as,

·         Helps patients with diabetes normalize their blood sugar level without using diabetes medications.

·         Improves lipid profile.

·         Reduces the micro vascular problems of diabetes like renal and retinal disease.

·         Improves the insulin sensitivity and glucose level.

·         Decreases retinal related problems.

·         Improves renal function and also decreases further renal complications.

·         Lessens the need for antihypertensive medication.

·         Decreases morbidity and mortality.

·         Improves the quality of life.

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Heart Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery For Severely Obese People

Obesity is growing as a health crisis around the world. In the United States 15 million people are suffering from severe obesity and it increases the risk of 30 morbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, degenerative osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome. Weight loss surgery is a common procedure performed on obese people who have a body mass index of 35 to 40. This weight loss surgery is usually performed by decreasing the size of the belly and makes you eat less.

Severely obese people benefits from Bariatric surgery and also reduces the risk of heart problemsassociated with obesity. Any cardiologist can tell you that obesity is associated with a wide rangeof cardiovascular diseases such as congestive heart failure; cardiac problems and hypertension are all common heart problems linked with obesity. Compare to traditional medical care and counseling, weight loss surgery will reduce the risk of death from heart attack and lower the risk of suffering from a stroke.Bariatric surgery will give amazing results for many people struggling with diabetes and heart damage.

Here are some heart benefits with weight loss surgery:

 ·         It can dramatically reduce the risk factors associated with stroke and heart disease and also improve overall heart health.

·         Significant reduction in cardiac risk factors such as weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

·         Improving the structure and function of the heart and also reduce the long-term cardiovascular risk.

·         Total cholesterol is within normal range after surgery.

·         HDL increases 40% and LDL improves with weight loss surgery.

·         Weight loss surgery improves the ECG of obese patients in and it beneficially modulates heart rate variability and QT intervals.

·         Blood fats decreased by 55%.

·         Improves several obesity related health conditions that affect cardiovascular health.

·         After the surgery,it improves the heart function like ability to pump out and refill with blood.

·        There was a significant decline in the patients left ventricular mass and also improve E/A ratio and diastolic abnormalities in obese people after weight loss surgery.

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