Is Bariatric Surgery A Solution For Diabetes?

Obesity is one of the most common causes of the diabetes. A person who has excess weight as compared to the person who has normal weight is more likely to get diabetes. For those people who are suffering from morbid obesity, the only solution is bariatric surgery. This is wherein a surgeon stitches up the portion of stomach in order to reduce the individual’s food intake. Reduction in food intake will lead to the reduction in overall weight.  Recent study has found that the weight loss, which takes place due to Bariatric Surgery can be able to control the Type2 diabetes in a large extent. Most of the people imagine that the hormonal changes takes place during the surgery which in turn controls the diabetes but that is not true. The actual weight loss occurs within the starting 6 months of the surgery, which is essential for the control of diabetes.  The metabolic effect due to the surgery on the body plays a major role in reversing the disease.

Medical researchers have shown that the bariatric surgery can be helpful in reversing the diabetes. Surgery is one of the best solutions, which helps in stopping this disease right in its track. All over the world, millions of people are suffering from this disease, but bariatric procedure might not be the complete cure for this, however most reports around the world seem to accept that this surgery can stop the diabetes effects almost immediately. By restricting dangerous combinations of food to invade the stomach one can let their body adjust. Too much salt and too many sugars can be very harmful for the system.

Doctors have studied so many patients who were diabetic and also severely obese. All the patients who had Bariatric surgery were showed improvement in the levels of their blood sugar and also the medications used by those was reduced drastically but only those patients who had lost considerable amount of weight had excellent remission of diabetes. This was showed that weight loss in the starting 3 months of the surgery to 6 months was the significant factor to control the diabetes by using the bariatric surgery. And also the hormones will play a major role. The person may lose his weight in initial stages but that does not refer that they can be able to reduce diabetes medication followed by the surgery. Relation between diabetes and weight loss is that one who quickly loses more weight , can have higher chances of curing the disease. Many researches are ongoing in order to find out the ways to achieve this so as to acquire control on this disease. Obesity plays a big role in the diabetes, same as that weight loss also has a major role in controlling illness.

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