Bone Loss after Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the best process of weight reduction for obese people to treat many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks etc. Though it has shown good results there are some complications will result after the surgery, an infection in the incision, a leak from the stomach into the abdominal cavity, a blood clot in the lung, blood loss, osteoporosis or other bone disorders, anemia, and hair loss. All of these problems come with insufficient proteins and nutrition in the food after the weight loss surgery.

One of the most common problems after the surgery includes osteoporosis due to low calcium levels in the food. Osteoporosis is a serious condition that affects bones and makes them smaller, thinner, weaken and break more easily. Bariatric surgery is associated with increased risks of fractures. Patient should take enough calcium supplements after the bariatric surgery.

Consume more calcium in the diet to avoid risk of bone loss; especially dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, and tofu are good sources of calcium. The minimum amount of calcium needed for body is about 1,000 mg/day and also the amount of calcium varies from person to person along with their age. Generally, a calcium supplement is only needed if you can’t get adequate calcium from your diet. Because consulting with doctor or prior suggestion with health care provider is required before taking calcium supplements. Decreased bone mineral density after the surgery is a real problem that increases the risk for fracture. The possibility of breaking a hand or foot was higher about three times what would be estimated after bariatric surgery.

Many obese people who have gastric bypass to lose weight may suffer with bone loss after the bariatric surgery even when they take calcium supplements daily. Women have higher risk of osteoporosis because of decrease in estrogen levels after menopause which causes thinner bones. It is recommended to take bone mineral density test one year after the bariatric surgery. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are best ways to prevent this condition.

Treating bone loss after bariatric surgery:

  • Regular Exercise is one of the best treatments for preventing bone loss. Weight bearing exercise will helps to improve bone density.
  • Walking, jogging, weight lifting helps to increase bone thickness.
  • Eating diet with sufficient proteins and nutrients to strengthen bones.
  • Taking calcium and vitamin D and multivitamin supplements to reduce bone loss.
  • Avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

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