Healthy Child Birth after Weight Loss Surgery

A research at Laval University found that babies born to women after weight loss surgery have few cardiovascular risks when compared with their siblings born before the weight loss surgery. This happens due to the metabolic changes and also the weight loss surgery has good impact on the inflammatory diseases.  Weight loss surgery for a mother affects the genes of the child and leads to several diseases and risks. Researches on bariatric surgery by Laval University revealed that children born to mothers who undergo bilio pancreatic operation will have less chances of obesity and they will also have good insulin resistance and the child will have lower risk of cardiovascular disease and the blood pressure will be normal.

The research was carried out by taking the blood samples of 25 children who were born to mothers before the bilio pancreatic surgery and the blood samples from other 25 children who were born to mothers after the bilio pancreatic surgery. The body mass index of the mothers was 45 before the surgery and BMI was 27 after the surgery on an average. The DNA was tested by a special tool from the blood samples taken from the mothers and their children in order to find out the changes caused in genes by the process called methylation. When tested, it was found that the methylation levels were unlike in both the children, the children who were born to mothers after the surgery and the children born to the mothers before the surgery. Research revealed that 5500 genes were different in the children who were born before and after the surgery to the mothers. There will be very high impact on the children born to the mother after the surgery and there will be great effect on the metabolic rates and methylation levels.

Basically the research tells that maternal obesity will affect the obesity of the child and also increases the cardiovascular risk.

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Why You Are Not Losing Weight?

If you have been strictly adhering to a healthy fitness and eating plan for a while but you are failing to lose the weight, if you really desire to lose your weight, why you aren’t losing it?

This is the time to look at the reasons for your failure. The simple answer is, as much as you want to lose fat, there is something you need to do even more, which is direct conflict to the weight loss. From physical factors to dieting blunders, check for the reasons for your failure in losing weight.

What you need to do more is avoid your painful feelings of depression, aloneness and emptiness that come from the self-abandonment and also painful feelings of life such as heartbreak, loneliness helplessness and grief over others, circumstances and events.

Even you may read so many diet books and trying each and every diet and weight loss methods, but if you are failed in managing your personal feelings, then all those methods won’t bring any results and finally you will not keep your weight off.

It is true that food can numb your temporary feelings, by doing many other kinds of addiction, but finally addictions bring about more pain in terms of adding weight. Many obese and overweight people are continuing to feel empty, depressed, alone and anxious.

Using food in order to numb your pain is a way of self-abdomen to manage painful feelings. If you learn the way of managing pain, then only you can lose or even maintain weight loss.

Really if you want to lose your weight……..

You should be like a compulsive eater, so that you can know what food you need to use to avoid feelings. Turn to new daily routine into the way of your life, which can protect you from past patterns and behaviors.

If you are unable to keep your weight off even you follow any kind of method, weight loss surgery is the last resort left for you. But prior making any decision on any kind of surgery, be sure to consult a weight loss surgeon.

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Why Bariatric Surgery Is The Solution For Obesity?

Obesity has increased a lot nowadays. Most of the people whom you meet are facing the trouble with obesity and are trying for different surgical options available in the market to deal with obesity. People who are facing issues with obesity are trying for various surgeries and various weight loss treatments but for many, lap band surgery is one of the best logical solutions. According to the nationwide research report, people who weight more than 100 pounds are increasing day-by-day and the percentage of these people is 70. Whatever might be the reason the severely obese people number is growing very rapidly when compared with the moderately obese people.

As the benefits of bariatric surgery increased, many people chose bariatric surgery for weight loss. A recent study proved that 20,000 people who reduced weight by bariatric surgery also reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Researches and studies proved that there are many positive benefits of different weight loss surgeries and there is a very great and permanent result for the obese people by the bariatric surgery. As number of obese people is increasing day by day the bariatric surgeries and weight loss treatments are also increasing.

Lap band surgery is an invasive technique and most preferred surgery for weight loss. This surgery uses a small laparoscopic camera. The laparoscopic camera is placed with a band near the area where the weight loss treatment is required and then the bariatric surgery is done. The surgery should be carried out with a well-known experienced weight loss surgeon. As no two patients will be alike, the doctor should have good knowledge on the surgery and good experience to carry out the surgery appropriately. After the surgery, the diet should be taken as suggested by the doctor and all the precautions should be taken as suggested by the surgeon. Lap band surgery gives good results when treated by a good doctor and when all the suggestions given by the doctor are followed by the patient.

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Effective Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose your excess weight remember these tips and follow them like the rule of thumb, then you can see the optimal result very soon.

Smart snack intake:

Grazing between the meals is used to be on top of the weight list. But now nutrition recommending that t is better to satisfy once craving by having healthy food instead of avoiding it completely. The best products are protein paced foods, a small amount of peanut butter on fruit, etc.

Switch off your TV:

A new study reports that eating while watching TV can make you to eat 40% more food than normal. And driving, texting, or any other activity while eating can also affect your food consumption. Instead of that, completely concentrate on your food while eating.

Drink a lot of water:

Sometimes people may get confused thirst with the hunger. So, you can stop eating extra food when a glass of water is actually what you require. If you don’t want to drink simply plain water, then you can drink by adding citrus juice, or brew teas such as peach or mango.

Take several small meals in a day:

You will lose excess weight, when you take fewer calories than actually you burn. But, if you are really hungry, then eat fewer calories for several times.

Add spice:

Include chilies or spices to your daily food for the flavor, which can be helpful to you to feel satisfied. Foods, which contain flavor, can stimulate the taste buds and that to be more satisfying, so that you won’t eat much.

Do exercise:

Physical activity is very important for you if you are trying to lose your weight, so keep doing exercise regularly and build it as a lifelong habit.

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Weight Loss Surgery Lowers The Risk of Heart Disease - Study

A new study found that patients who underwent the weight loss surgery found that, after 7 years they fared better on some measurements of their risk factors of cardiac issues, and many of them were returned to usual levels. Weight loss surgery includes methods like gastric bypass surgery, which comes with considerable risks of its own and also it is the only suggested for some extremely obese patients.

Still, the researches recommended the procedure giving so many cardiac benefits to the obese patients. Weight loss surgery is also termed as the bariatric surgery, which aims to help the severely obese patients to lose their excess weight by reducing the food intake, which can be handled by their digestive system.

A Swedish study suggested that this method reduces the risk factors of death due to heart attack. Patients who had this procedure were less likely to develop cardiovascular issues or suffer from the first time stroke or heart attack.

People who are at increased levels of C-reactive protein are at higher risk of getting heart stroke and attack. The research is essential because it can track the actual effects of the weight loss surgery over many years. These procedures can help patients by reducing the risk factors though weight loss and also accompanying the change in body’s metabolism and then associated working of heart.

While it can be helpful for people in losing excess weight very quickly that is extremely important for people who are at greater risk, like those with uncontrollable diabetes and heart disease.

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Weight Loss Surgery And Diabetes - Study

According to a study, weight loss surgery can reduce the risk factors of kidney disease in morbidly obese patients with diabetes. This study was conducted on approximately 52 patients, who are mostly female patients, who had type2 diabetes and also obesity. Almost 40% of the patients had the diabetic nephropathy, which is one form of kidney disease that can need dialysis and may cause kidney failure.

All the patients who were underwent the weight loss surgery are intended to help the people to lose excess weight. Most popular weight loss surgery is gastric bypass surgery; in this the stomach of patient is stapled in order to make it very smaller, and then the small intestine can be routed to smaller pouch.

The researcher said that, after 5years, almost 60% of the patients who had the diabetic nephropathy were no longer had that condition.

These researches also found that 25% of the patents those who don’t have the diabetic nephropathy while doing the surgery were eventually developed that condition. This occurrence rate is about 50% less than the rate in people who had diabetes and don’t have weight loss surgery.

In this study, body mass index of patient, which is a measure of fat depending on the weight and height, was 49 at the time of the surgery. If the body mass index is greater than or equal to 30, then it is considered as the obese. As this study was presented in a medical meeting, so that the conclusions and data should be considered as the preliminary until it is published in the peer-reviewed journal. Many experts also noted that even the study has founded the relation between less kidney damage and weight loss surgery, researchers were not proved that this surgery is responsible for decreased kidney problems.

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Weight Loss Surgery and Alcohol Risk

A study by the National Institute of Health research consortium has found that patients who had undergone the common weight loss surgery have a higher risk of getting alcohol use disorders 2 years after having the surgery.

The gastric bypass surgery can double the risk factors of alcohol as compared to the bariatric surgery by using banding method, according to the new research, which is published in Journal of the American Medical Association.

Nearly this study has taken 2,000 patients from 10 hospitals. Initially examine the risk of alcohol use disorders after and before several types of weight loss surgeries, including the roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, which is the most commonly preferred weight loss surgery in the United States. This method involves stapling major part of the stomach and then rerouting the intake food directly to the lower portion of the intestine, which makes it difficult to eat large meals, and limiting the calorie absorption.

The weight loss surgery seems to raise the risk of alcohol issues by making the body very sensitive to the lower doses of alcohol: it permits more alcohol to get into the bloodstream very fast because it jumps most of the stomach part and is better taken by the intestines.

Frequent alcohol consumption before having the surgery i.e. at least two times per week also independently related to the higher risk of the postoperative AUD.

The study results recommend that physicians should be aware of the symptoms and signs of AUD and prefer counseling after doing the weight loss surgery. Patients who have weight loss surgery should be aware of risks of alcohol problems to acquire effective results of the surgery.

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Minimally Invasive Versus Open Surgery To Lose Weight

Minimally invasive surgery to lose weight is very much safer than the open surgery, for patients who are suffering from the complication during this treatment. If the surgery is made with small cuts, then patient can leave the hospital soon, and with small medical bill, followed by the laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

During this weight loss surgery, the physician makes a pouch at the top portion of the stomach, and then connects that to small intestine so that the patient can only absorb fewer calories during digestion. This surgery needs a tiny camera being inserted and some small cuts.

From safety records, it has been proven that about 19% of patients who were undergone the open surgery, at least had one complication, like requiring blood transaction or developing pneumonia. But with less invasive surgery, just 12% of patients were developed complications.

According to the findings, which were published in Archive of surgery, it has founded that 1 in 500 over weight patients in the group of open surgery died during or even shortly after having the surgery, as compared with 1 in 1,000 in laparoscopic group. Patients who are undergoing the open surgery may also need to stay in the hospital for longer time, on average it is 3.5 days versus 2.4 days.

From the surgeon’s view, the ability to see while doing the surgery can be enhanced if this is done laparoscopic ally.

From patients view, there is very less pain, so that the patient can move and walk and also return to usual activities sooner. To know more information about any kind of weight loss surgery and its benefits and risks, you can contact a weight loss surgeon.

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Can You Consider Weight Loss Surgery For Children?

Now the weight loss surgery is also being offered to the children who are suffering from obesity. This is considered as a last solution when all other procedures to lose excess weight have not succeeded. Very rarely surgery is recommended for obese children.

The surgeons who have to perform the surgery have stressed in way to consider the candidate for weight loss surgery, the child must understand the entire process of surgery including pros and cons. And also the child who is undergoing the surgery must have to cope with all the implications of the weight loss surgery such as lifestyle and also diet changes in order to follow up the physician appointments.

It is better to perform this surgery at the age of 15 or 17, since at this age children can mature enough in order to cope with the pre-operative and post-operative care schedule. It is necessary that the parents have to involve in each and every case from the starting.

This surgery involves placing elastic or else a gastric band at the upper end of the stomach which will cause an individual to feel fuller after having very small quantity of food. Usually this type of surgery will result in an exciting weight loss.

Post-operative care will include a very restricted diet regimen. The patient can start from liquids and then gradually progress to pureed food, and then lastly solid food in small quantities. Every month post-operative appointments will take place, and also exercise is a part of strict regime.

Patients and also doctors stress that this procedure is not easy. Only it should be undertaken when children’s excess weight can’t be lost with exercise and diet. Before having bariatric surgery, children are assessed by healthcare providers for at least six months.

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Is Bariatric Surgery A Solution For Diabetes?

Obesity is one of the most common causes of the diabetes. A person who has excess weight as compared to the person who has normal weight is more likely to get diabetes. For those people who are suffering from morbid obesity, the only solution is bariatric surgery. This is wherein a surgeon stitches up the portion of stomach in order to reduce the individual’s food intake. Reduction in food intake will lead to the reduction in overall weight.  Recent study has found that the weight loss, which takes place due to Bariatric Surgery can be able to control the Type2 diabetes in a large extent. Most of the people imagine that the hormonal changes takes place during the surgery which in turn controls the diabetes but that is not true. The actual weight loss occurs within the starting 6 months of the surgery, which is essential for the control of diabetes.  The metabolic effect due to the surgery on the body plays a major role in reversing the disease.

Medical researchers have shown that the bariatric surgery can be helpful in reversing the diabetes. Surgery is one of the best solutions, which helps in stopping this disease right in its track. All over the world, millions of people are suffering from this disease, but bariatric procedure might not be the complete cure for this, however most reports around the world seem to accept that this surgery can stop the diabetes effects almost immediately. By restricting dangerous combinations of food to invade the stomach one can let their body adjust. Too much salt and too many sugars can be very harmful for the system.

Doctors have studied so many patients who were diabetic and also severely obese. All the patients who had Bariatric surgery were showed improvement in the levels of their blood sugar and also the medications used by those was reduced drastically but only those patients who had lost considerable amount of weight had excellent remission of diabetes. This was showed that weight loss in the starting 3 months of the surgery to 6 months was the significant factor to control the diabetes by using the bariatric surgery. And also the hormones will play a major role. The person may lose his weight in initial stages but that does not refer that they can be able to reduce diabetes medication followed by the surgery. Relation between diabetes and weight loss is that one who quickly loses more weight , can have higher chances of curing the disease. Many researches are ongoing in order to find out the ways to achieve this so as to acquire control on this disease. Obesity plays a big role in the diabetes, same as that weight loss also has a major role in controlling illness.

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