Weight Loss Surgery Lowers The Risk of Heart Disease - Study

A new study found that patients who underwent the weight loss surgery found that, after 7 years they fared better on some measurements of their risk factors of cardiac issues, and many of them were returned to usual levels. Weight loss surgery includes methods like gastric bypass surgery, which comes with considerable risks of its own and also it is the only suggested for some extremely obese patients.

Still, the researches recommended the procedure giving so many cardiac benefits to the obese patients. Weight loss surgery is also termed as the bariatric surgery, which aims to help the severely obese patients to lose their excess weight by reducing the food intake, which can be handled by their digestive system.

A Swedish study suggested that this method reduces the risk factors of death due to heart attack. Patients who had this procedure were less likely to develop cardiovascular issues or suffer from the first time stroke or heart attack.

People who are at increased levels of C-reactive protein are at higher risk of getting heart stroke and attack. The research is essential because it can track the actual effects of the weight loss surgery over many years. These procedures can help patients by reducing the risk factors though weight loss and also accompanying the change in body’s metabolism and then associated working of heart.

While it can be helpful for people in losing excess weight very quickly that is extremely important for people who are at greater risk, like those with uncontrollable diabetes and heart disease.

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