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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right for me??

Bariatric Surgery

If you are very obese
or have obesity related condition and you have a history of failed sustained weight loss on medically supervised weight-loss program, then weight loss surgery could be the right option for you.


But it’s not a short cut to losing weight easily as it will change the way you eat forever.

The following criteria may make you eligible for weight loss surgery:

  • A body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 or BMI is greater than 35 accompanied by obesity-related health problems

    You can calculate your body mass index using a BMI calculator on our Home Page. Patients with a BMI of 30 or higher and who have at least one obesity-related condition, such as diabetes can undergo Lap-Band Restrictive surgery. Weight loss surgeries can considerably reverse health problems caused by obesity even from a small weight loss (for example Obstructive sleep apnea, severe arthritis and diabetes)


  • If you have a history of failed medically supervised weight loss programs like diet and exercise etc.

    It is better try to lose weight without surgery. Weight loss surgery should be considered as a last resort. You might be required to demonstrate that traditional weight loss programs have not worked for you.


  • You are aware of the risks and the permanent lifestyle changes after surgery and ready to accept them.

    Weight loss surgery requires you to follow a certain diet, exercise and medication for a long term and the way it will change your eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.


  • You understand the risks and benefits of weight loss surgery.

    Like any surgery, it's important to be well-versed about the risks and benefits before considering weight loss surgery.


  • You are eligible for a weight loss surgery if you have No substance abuse, psychoses or uncontrolled depression.
  • Women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy after weight loss surgery should consult their doctors.

Nutritional deficiencies and rapid weight loss can harm the developing foetus which can lead to birth defects

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