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How Bariatric Surgery Reduces Weight?


Bariatric Surgery works through Restrictive and Malabsorptive procedures.


Restrictive weight loss procedure works on the theory that when you feel full, you tend to eat less, thus lower calorie intake and thus reduced feelings of deprivation and hunger. In this procedure, the surgeon creates a smaller upper stomach pouch which results in continuous reduction in calorie intake and thus consistent weight loss. It does not interfere with the regular digestion of food.


Recovery process requires patient to strictly adhere to dietary guidelines and restrictions prescribed by Bariatric surgeons. For best results, patients need to learn to eat less, eat slow and avoid high calories fluids and snacks. Failure to adhere can result in nausea, dry heaving and heartburn. The effectiveness of the procedure and weight loss depends on the patient’s attitude and compliance with the diet and behavior guidelines such as regular and increased exercise.


Restrictive weight loss procedure may not always result in excess weight loss as expected by patients. For this reason; Malabsorptive procedures were created to work together with restrictive procedures. Malabsorptive procedures alter the course of digestion by by-passing the small intestine, thus reducing the amount of food intake by intestine and calorie absorption by the body.

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